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Strippers Norwich

Strippers in Norwich Help Make a Great Date Night

It may not be the first venue that springs to mind when planning date night, but a strip club could be the perfect opportunity for a great couples night out. Our Norwich venue is elegant, and our strippers are professional and friendly. All you need to do is come with an open mind, and we can take care of the rest.

Sensual Night Out

A date night doesn’t always have to conform to the usual dinner and drinks, it can be so much more fun than that. Next time you’re planning an outing with your partner, consider how Platinum Lace could be a great starting (or ending, or even in-between) spot.

Enjoy a sensual night out from the moment you step through the doors. Upon arrival, you’ll be seated near the stage or in your own booth. There, you’ll be able to see each stripper as she takes to the stage, or have one of them come over for a chat. Get some drinks in and just enjoy yourselves – From there you can take one of the girls for a private double dance (or one of you watches as the other enjoys their own dance), or even book a private room.

It’s a sure-fire way to get things spiced up between you both, and a really fun, different night out, too.

Elegant Venue

Our Norwich venue is a classy establishment with relaxing surroundings, and boasts its own unique décor. It’s a great venue to get your date night started. Settle back and enjoy the music, from the best in RnB and hip hop to dance classics, as well as some disco (whatever our girls choose for their stage performances, really!).

Keep the Drinks Flowing

From best-in-class Champagne to a fine wine, another aspect we certainly don’t skimp on at Platinum Lace is the selection of drinks. No date night is complete without a good glass of wine or two, so treat yourselves to a bottle of fine wine, fizz, or some delicious cocktails, hand-made by the excellent bar staff.

To book your private booth, or to enquire about some of the fantastic strippers Norwich has to offer to make your night amazing, give us a call or drop us a line on here.