Club Etiquette | 14 Leicester Square | Platinum Lace

Platinum Lace
London Leicester Square

Club Etiquette

  • During the course of the performance, customers must remain seated at all times.
  • Customers should agree a price with the dancer prior to each performance.
  • It is the dancer's discretion as to whom she will perform and at what price.
  • Customers may pay for their dance performance using cash or Koru Chips.
  • No propositioning the dancers. Customers must not dance at any time.
  • Photographs or video footage are not permitted to be taken with any equipment including mobile phones whilst on the premises.

Any breach of the above rules may result in the customer being excluded from the club.

Koru Chips

Koru chips are unique with a specified value which may be purchased using cash or credit/debit card (in which case a 20% surcharge is imposed).

Dress Code

Our dress policy is smart, jeans are okay and a suit jacket or shirt with a collar to enter. Strictly NO sportswear, trainers or hats. We reserve the right to refuse admission.