IBIZA NIGHTS | Platinum Lace London | Leicester Square



Welcome to Ibiza Nights Neon Party, where the vibrant glow of neon meets the sultry allure of a bikini party, creating an electrifying experience unlike any other!

Get ready to make memories that will last a lifetime in this neon-drenched oasis of fun and frivolity on the sun-kissed shores of Ibiza.

As you step into the party and lose yourself in the rhythm, surrounded by fellow party-goers dressed in neon hues, their bodies glowing under the backlights.

Event Date: 30th May-1st June
Dress Code: Bikinis

As the night reaches its peak, feel the euphoria of being part of something truly extraordinary, where the spirit of Ibiza’s legendary nightlife collides with the carefree joy of a bikini party under the neon lights.

Why not go for the ultimate experience?
Explore our premium packages for the best value and elevate your celebration to the next level while you party in platinum style.

Available Packages:
Stag Party Special: £30 per person
Platinum Extreme: £50 per person
Platinum Deluxe: £80 per person

For inquiries regarding VIP access or private rooms please contact us on: 020 7434 3034.

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