Platinum Lace

Platinum Lace Norwich The Face 2017

Who Wins? You Decide

At Platinum Lace we’re proud of all of our Platinum Ladies; dancers, bar staff, waitresses, and receptionists, and to show this we are holding a 4 month event celebrating “The Face” of Platinum Lace.

To enter all you do is complete the form below, upload an image or 2, then you are in.

There will be a winner for each club with cash prizes of up to £1000. This winner will then be photographed for the final and put on a live vote right here on the website. The top 5 girls will be voted on by our amazing clientele who will also benefit with an array of prizes from free corporate VIP memberships, free house bubbly, and a very special “Platinum Lace VIP Package”.

The Face of Platinum Lace 2017 will receive another cash prize of £1000 and as the they will be photographed in a studio will be featured on some of Platinum Lace marketing material.

We wish you all the very best of luck.

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